Frequently asked questions

The Semper Secured Mortgage Fund (“the Fund”) is a pooled mortgage scheme that provides mortgage-secured commercial funding to SMEs.

Investments are made in Units backed by a pool of Australian property mortgages.

Semper’s Originator investors have underwritten all loans in the Fund in return for Reserve Class Units. When you invest in the Fund you are a senior investor, which means that your investment sits behind Originators’ Reserve Units.

Equity in property securities is targeted to never be less than 30% and Reserve Units will never be less than 10% of total investments in the Fund, meaning you will have significant asset coverage ahead of your investment.

For investors seeking very high levels of asset coverage we would recommend A Units. 

For investors with greater than $2 million to invest, and who are looking for leveraged asset-backed and mortgaged-secured returns, register your interest to participate as an Originator Investor here.

While historic data is no indication of future performance, the Fund Manager has never suffered a single loss since commencement of lending in 2009.

Semper has robust lending criteria and applies conservative Loan to Value Ratios for all secured properties. Equity is never less than 30% of the real property market value.

In addition to equity cover, the Semper Secured Mortgage Fund provides an additional buffer via Originating Investors who hold Reserve Class Units at first risk. Reserve Class Units shall never be any less than 10% of the total Fund.

Semper is proud of its loan and fund management performance and posts live data in this regard which can be seen here.

For a full understanding of the risks of investing, please read the Information memorandum in full, before deciding to invest.

Download the Investor Memorandum here.

A simple registration process is required to create an account, which does not commit you to any investment.

Once registered, you will be able to see the available investments, download the supporting documents and finalise your investment in the Semper Secured Mortgage Fund.

Click here to create an account.

Note: investments are available to ‘Wholesale’ clients only, as defined in the Corporations Act

There are no fees or charges to investors. The Fund Manager, Trustee and Licensee each charge a fee to the Fund as detailed in the Information Memorandum, but this is outside any dividends paid to investors in each class of Units.

The Terms for investment are also explained in full in the Information Memorandum. Download the Investor Memorandum here.

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