North Richmond, NSW

property type: RESIDENTIAL

Total Property Value: $11,500,000

Loan Amount: $5,830,000

Priority: 1st & 2nd Mortgages

LVR: 58.82% combined

Offered Rate: 10%

Loan Term (Months): 12 Months

Min Interest (Months): 6 Months

Why do we like this loan?

The North Richmond property features a four bedroom homestead on a ~17ha equine training facility. Additionally, the Lender will also hold a second mortgage over the residence of two of the Guarantors, a newly completed 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom residence in Norwest, introducing another $1-2m of equity.

The Guarantors are seasoned borrowers of Semper’s and hold an exemplary payment record. They also own and operate several businesses and own other properties we can attach to in the event of default.


Primary Property Value: $8,500,000

Property Details

“Bella Jane Lodge” is a highly improved and sought after residence on an equine thoroughbred pre-training and spelling facility of 16.98 hectares, sited in Sydney’s golden circle for thoroughbred facilities, North Richmond. The property is developed to an appealing standard, generally superior to that of the surrounding area which is bordered by other similar facilities.

The Norwest property is a 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom residence, newly completed in December 2022.

Loan Details

This loan is a rollover of an existing Semper facility which was used to acquire the North Richmond property in 2022.

In addition to the security detailed above, the Lender will hold directors’ and shareholders’ guarantees, a GSA over the borrower and a second mortgage over the primary place of residence of two of the Guarantors’ situated in Norwest.

We are offering the opportunity for sophisticated investors to take part or the entire loan and be assigned the lender on title.

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