North Richmond, NSW

property type: Residential
Nth Richmond

Total Property Value: $6,000,000

Loan Amount: $4,200,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: 70.00%

Note Interest Rate: 8.05% p.a.

Term (Months): 11

Term Remaining (Months): 11

Postcode: 2754

Use of Funds: Property related expense

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Why do we like this loan?

Although we only valued the property as a Lifestyle Property, with no consideration for the equine facilities and capabilities, it is a beautifully-maintained and substantial piece of real estate in an area where sub $10 million lifestyle properties remain hot property.

Primary Property Value: $6,000,000

Property Details

Doran Park is a highly improved equine training facility with vast improvements including a Homestead with triple lock up garage, large stable shed, with aqua and motorised walker, undercover round yard, hay shed, smaller stables, storage shed and a large number of horse shelters located within the horse holding yards but it has been valued only as a lifestyle property with no additional value given to the equine facilities.

Loan Details

For the accquisition of the security property.

Semper Secured