Mount Seaview, NSW

property type: Residential

Total Property Value: ~$15,700,000

Loan Amount: $6,000,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: ~40%

Offered Rate: 12%

Loan Term (Months): 12 Months’ interest & fees up front

Min Interest (Months): 6

Why do we like this loan?

First mortgage secured against 6 properties on the NSW North Coast, including 4 houses, a homestead & resort.

Primary Property Value: ~$4,600,000

Property Details

The security package includes 6 properties over 44 lots, with 5000 acres of high productive land in an area known for its scenic beauty and plentiful rainfall. Surrounded by World Heritage National Parks, the land and properties are 78kms west of Port Macquarie on the Hastings River.
The applicant operates a long-established tours business from part of the property with typically 40% retained occupancy which is sufficient for profitability and a primary production cattle business operating on much sought after rural pasture lots.

Loan Details

The purpose of this loan is to refinance current commercial facility, pending sale of a residential part of the property, along with a local tour business – together under negotiation for $4.6m.
Post sale, the business has a sufficient income multiple to return to a bank. 

Interest will be deducted from the loan sum at settlement and retained by the funder(s).

In addition to the security detailed above, the Lender will hold directors’ guarantees and a GSA over the borrower. 

We are offering the opportunity for sophisticated investors to take part or the entire loan and be assigned the lender on title.

For more details on this and other investment opportunities please contact Andrew Way at Semper.
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