Matraville & Kingsford, NSW

property type: Residential & commercial

Total Property Value: $7,8250,000

Loan Amount: $2,075,000

Priority: 1st and 2nd positions

LVR: 58%

Offered Rate: 20%

Loan Term (Months): 2

Min Interest (Months): 2

Why do we like this loan?

This two month bridging loan will be secured by 1st Mortgage on the pictured residential property in Matraville NSW, and a 2nd Mortgage on a commercial property in Kingsford NSW

Primary Property Value: $1,825,000

Property Details

Valuation presently under instruction.

With its neat presentation, large backyard and position on a tree lined street, this home provides a perfect opportunity for first homebuyers, upsizers, families and investors. It’s just moments to cafes, it’s within a stroll of cosmopolitan eateries and close to beautiful beaches.


Loan Details

The purpose of this loan is to acquire the Matraville residence
Interest will be capitalised for term.
Exit will be by way of refinance to a bank. 

Special condition: If the loan goes over term, provided that the standard interest rate is serviced as and when it falls due, the Lender agrees not to commence collection action provided the Borrower has a signed offer to refinance within a further 60 days.

In addition to the security detailed above, the Lender will hold directors’ guarantees and a GSA over the borrower. 

We are offering the opportunity for sophisticated investors to take part or the entire loan and be assigned the lender on title.

For more details on this and other investment opportunities please contact Andrew Way at Semper.
0414 246 003

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