Kingaroy QLD

property type: Residential

Total Property Value: $1,320,000

Loan Amount: $825,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: 62.50%

Note Interest Rate: 9.720% p.a.

Term (Months): 12

Term Remaining (Months): 1

Postcode: 4610

Use of Funds: To complete civil works on new development

Minimum Investment Amount: For more details click here to set up an account

Why do we like this loan?

This applicant offers three securities, his  home, an investment property and a 10 lot subdivision with two presales which he will complete within 6 months. He operates a separate business  demonstrating a 6 X interest coverage in monthly net cash-flows.. 

Primary Property Value: $400,000

Property Details

4 bedroom house on battle-axe block, featuring open plan living, dining and kitchen area, rumpus room and other features throughout. Located in Kingaroy, an established rural township 200kms north-west of Brisbane. The property has access to local services and facilities.

Loan Details

This loan is secured against three properties, two residential and a 10-lot subdision with 2 presales. The loan LVR is based on current and not future property values, providing upside value for the development site as the project progresses.

Semper Secured