The Benefits of Fixed Income

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Fixed income investments such as Bonds or Secured Notes are designed to provide a known rate of interest to the investor for the term.

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One of the key benefits of fixed income investments, such as those provided by Semper Securities, is being able to establish a target sum of monthly income.

Semper’s Secured Notes are mortgage-secured, asset-backed and allow investors to choose investments with asset coverage multiples (“loan to value ratio”, or LVR) and terms that suit their cash-flow needs.

Stocks and Shares are generally said to target capital growth, but the value of the initial investment can go up or down. As the adage says, the skill is in “selling high and buying low”, but this requires an active and vigilant approach to investing.

Fixed income investments such as Bonds or Secured Notes, as is the case with Semper, are designed to provide a known rate of interest to the investor for the term of the investment before the principal is returned. 

Furthermore, investors pick investments in loans against property types, in locations, and for terms, of their choosing. It is possible to tailor the desired levels of asset coverage (LVR) as well. 

Diversification can be achieved by picking multiple smaller investments among a range of opportunities with a spread of asset coverage and a laddered approach to investment return. And don’t forget that Semper’s Warehouse holds the top 10% of every loan investment so that it is always first in and last out.

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Target Return % 8.98%
LVR % 70%
Priority 1st Mortgage
Amount Available: Up to $810,000
Kenthurst property
Kenthurst property
Kenthurst property
Offers are open only to professional and sophisticated investors who are also wholesale clients as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). If you require further information please go to this link.

the semper diversified mortgage investment platform

Semper’s Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform delivers wholesale investors a higher secured-rate of return from asset-backed and mortgage-secured investments, where they are in control.

An entirely new investment model specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated wholesale investor, the Semper Diversified Mortgage Investment Platform allows wholesale Investors to choose a desired investment amount, rate of return, investment term and level of asset coverage with all investments indelibly linked to specific mortgages over specific property.

For further Investor confidence, all loans are ‘pre-funded’ by Semper’s Warehouse, which retains the highest LVR, ‘first-risk’ position for every loan. This means each loan has been written with Semper funds and to Semper’s exacting credit conditions before being offered to you for investment. It also means that wholesale Investors are paid out first, before Semper’s Warehouse.

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Semper investors are able to select the mortgage-secured and asset-backed investment positions that offer variable levels of asset coverage, tailored to fit individual risk appetites. But past performance is no indication of future performance, and, like all investments, subject to risks which can cause the loss of some or all investment capital. 

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