Red Hill, QLD

property type: Residential/Commercial
Red Hill

Total Property Value: $1,700,000

Loan Amount: $1,100,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: 64.70%

Note Interest Rate: 5.20% p.a.

Term (Months): 12

Term Remaining (Months): 10

Postcode: 4059

Use of Funds: Property related expense

Minimum Investment Amount: For more details click here to set up an account

Why do we like this loan?

This property is a flexible residential/commercial premises in a popular suburb of Brisbane and offers low -LVR exposure with pre-paid interest held on account to cover investor notes.

Primary Property Value: $1,700,000

Property Details

The security is a commercial premises in Red Hill, a popular inner city suburb with a mix of character housing and modern accommodation with low key commercial/retail activity. The complex has a good frontage to the busy connector road (Musgrave Road) and has frontage to Mannion St, a small dead-end street that provides access to parking at the rear of the lot. The land falls away from its Musgrave Road frontage and the building is high-set at the rear.

Loan Details

Additional cash flow for the completion of development projects.

Semper Secured