Banjup, WA

property type: Residential/Commercial

Total Property Value: $15,000,000

Loan Amount: $7,550,000

Priority: 1st mortgage

LVR: 52.80%

Note Interest Rate: 6.47%

Term (Months): 12

Term Remaining (Months): 4

Postcode: 6164

Use of Funds: Other

Description: Refinance of a commercial loan.

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Why do we like this loan?

This low LVR mortgage is over a highly marketable property, consisting of one of the largest single parcels of land 15 KMs south of Perth CBD, and comes with a Share Mortgage over the shares of a large egg distribution business.

Primary Property Value: $15,000,000

Property Details

The main security property is a large 14-hectare parcel of land in Banjup, WA, with potential for development and subdivision (although this future potential value is not calculated into the as-is value). On the property sits a 600 SQM residence, a local cafe and patisserie, and four modern industrial sheds.

Loan Details

A low LVR bridging Loan pending sale of assets to reduce the debt down to bank serviceability.

Semper Secured